Nedo Primus2 H2N

Nedo Primus2 H2N

Nedo Primus2 H2N
Two-slope Laser Crosswalker.
Durable for Field Applications and Machine Guide Compatible


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Automatic Laser Leveler for Earthmoving

THE Nedo Primus2 H2N he is one Automatic Laser spacewalker for Excavations, Leveling and general Earthworks.

  • Perfect for Spacing and Alignment
  • Durable for Workplace Applications
  • Compatible with receiver Machinery Guidance



German quality with a 3-year warranty

The rotary laser Nedo Primus2 H2N is German made (Made in Germany) and combines the maximum accuracy with the resistance to difficult construction site conditions. Thanks to its unbreakable glass and durable cover, the Primus2 H2N meets the requirements for Sealing and Protection against dust and water (IP 66). The Nedo Primus2 H2N comes into your hands with 3 year factory warranty.


Auto Leveling – Entering gradients on two axes

The rotating head it automatically levels at the push of a button and rotates with range up to 700m. Primus2 H2N accepts typing gradients in two axes (X, Y). THE hand sensor adapts to the stage and gives the user the ability to carve alfadies and altitudes

Machinery Guidance

The Horovatis Laser Primus2 H2N is compatible with the Acceptor-M Magnetic Receiver for Operator guidance with visual and audible indication. The same Primus2 H2N instrument can control different machines in the same in-scope project.


Nedo Primus2 H2N


Wanderer Laser PRIMUS2 H2N

– PRIMUS Rotating Laser Walker2 H2N
– Laser COMMANDER sensor2 with support base
& Remote Control
- Rechargeable batteries
– Quick mounting base
– Charger
– Carrying case


(not included in the price)

Aluminum tripod for placement of a Laser Stepper with a maximum height of 2.76 m
Aluminum stage (Cut / Fill)  for placing a Laser Sensor
Telescopic stage mEssfix-S 5 m





Accuracy ± 0.5mm/10m
Auto leveling range ± 5°
Slope accuracy ± 0.1% H2N
Enter slope ± 10%, on 2 axes
Operating range Ø about 700 m with COMMANDER2 H2N sensor
Protection from rain and dust IP 66
Battery NiMH rechargeable batteries 4.8 V, 8500mAh
Duration of operation about 100 hours
Tripod socket 5/8''
Laser < 5 mW, laser class 3R, 635 nm
Rotational speed 600rpm




Fully automatic 2-slope laser
Enter slope on X-axis and Y-axis
Automatic shutdown on jerk (error prevention)
Large display with indicators of speed, battery, etc.
PRIMUS2 H2N+ with Tilt control (the position of the beam is checked and corrected if necessary)  
Saving slope values even after power off
Auto Align Automatic Find & Calculate existing slope
Vertical Mode




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Request a Quote

or information and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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