LifeGuard Σύστημα Ασφάλειας Εργοταξίου

LifeGuard Σύστημα Ασφάλειας Εργοταξίου

LifeGuard by Softsystems.ai
Σύστημα πρόληψης ατυχημάτων στο εργοτάξιο

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LifeGuard by Softsystems.ai
Σύστημα πρόληψης ατυχημάτων στο εργοτάξιο

Save lives by monitoring your blind spots!

Softsystems.ai offers you innovative solutions based on Artificial Intelligence to eliminate the risk of vehicle / pedestrian collision. Our systems are expendable and adapted to each environment.


Prevent accidents and save lives on your construction sites!

This device is a real driving support for the machine operator (excavator, grader, loader, etc.) It allows him to get an alert that one or more people (from the worksite or the public) are in a dangerous zone, close to the machine. It eases the driver’s maneuvers because pedestrians are informed in real time, thanks to an external alarm.

LifeGuard – Features

LifeGuard is a connected system that secures environments where vehicles and pedestrians meet. Thanks to smart devices, you will be able to detect and prevent vehicle-pedestrian collisions.

Low cost

Our device works without any clothing constraint. Once the detection area is set up, no additional setting is needed (shapes to be detected …) it’s a plug&play solution!

Avoid collisions

Prevent machine and pedestrian collisions on construction sites and in urban areas, but also prevent collisions between trucks and two-wheeled users / pedestrians in urban areas.

Drivers tranquility

Peace of mind for the driver in his cabin thanks to the double protection of the system: an alarm (both sound and light) inside the cabin but also for the pedestrian who moves away from the machine when entering the detection area .

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  • Fast & easy setup
  • No setup required for human recognition
  • No need for users to wear any kind of sensor or chip

Τεχνικά Χαρακτηριστικά

Main features

In urban areas, in an industrial or construction environment, LifeGuard is a simple and effective solution to optimize pedestrians and operators’ safety.

The driver is alerted by a double signal (sound and red/orange light)

The pedestrian is alerted by a double signal (voice message and red light)

The driver visual assistance is preserved.

Customizable detection area (up to 3 detection zones)

The cameras are mounted in the back, on the sides and/or in the front of the vehicle.

The detected pedestrians are easily identified by the driver on the LCD screen, as a yellow frame surrounds the pedestrian(s)

Continuous video recordings of all detections The GPS position can also be recorded.

Volume control of the internal and external alarm from the mobile application.



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